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Born in Managua, Nicaragua, ever since his first days in school, Vílchez showed his inclination towards the arts. At the early age of nine, he won first place at a local competition with a detailed watercolor. In 1966, at the age of eleven, he began experimenting with sand sculpture and won a national contest representing his school. This took him to Acapulco, Mexico to represent his country at an international juvenile art contest where he was awarded third prize, among 100 participating artists.

Once out of high school, he decided to undertake architectural studies in Mexico City, leaving a deep impression on him for its rich culture. During his years in college he continued to paint and experiment with different techniques. Later on, due to the political turmoil in his native country, he settled in Miami, Florida.

Since 1983 he has participated in numerous solo and collective exhibitions. In 1985, art critic and Organization of American States (OAS) Director of The Americas Museum in Washington D.C., Jose Gomez Sicre, was highly impressed by the quality of his ink drawings. Later, in 1992, the OAS invited Vílchez to represent a solo exhibition which was widely acclaimed. After this success, he was requested to leave one of his oil paintings to adorn the Protocol Office at the OAS Headquarters.

His works, depicting the human figure, birds, fruits and flowers, reflect his love of nature, which he holds as the richest source of inspiration. “I am a creator of moments” – he says – “My paintings do not convey any political ideology or similes, they are created with the intention to draw the viewer into the painting. I want the viewer to become one with the work, to feel as if living inside that moment”.

Vílchez is gifted with an eidetic memory, and he creates directly on the canvas without sketches, starting with a certain color scheme in mind and drawing his subjects from childhood memories in his native Nicaragua. He finds this spontaneity more satisfying. His colors are bold yet soft combined in well integrated themes that evoke feelings of pleasure.

Presently, Eduardo Vilchez resides in Miami, Florida, USA.

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